"Rocky the Leprechaun"

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I am "Rocky the Colorado Leprechaun" the 31 year super fan mascot and cheerleader at all Denver Broncos football games.

31 years I have been LEADING the cheers!

We are Super Bowl bound and I am seeking sponsorships, personal appearances and promotional opportunities in trade or considerations for my active participation with my time, image, appearances, enthusiasm and involvement related to the Broncomania.

At the request of the City of Denver and the Broncos I was the featured announcer, last Friday at the Bronco Pep Rally with 10,000 fans in attendance, I entertained for 20 minutes before the Mayor and past Bronco players and cheerleaders came on stage.

At past Super Bowls I found travel groups to ride on the charter plane, greet arriving fans, entertain at parties, pose for photos and sign autographs. I was hired by the NFL Alumni Assn as their official greeter at their Super Bowl tailgate party in 1999. I was a guest on the Tonight show with Jay Leno. I have created fan headquarters, pep rallies, parades and promoted for numerous corporations.

I am THE fun and active Bronco Fan to catch!

For additional background go to YouTube or Google me.

Also visit Rockytheleprechaun.com
Rocky Brougham
PO Box 2259
Evergreen, CO 80437