"Rocky the Leprechaun"

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Rocky Leprechaun ready for a Broncos Game!!What started in 1976 as St. Patrick's Day entertainment has evolved into cheerleading and spirit building at the NFL Denver Bronco games. Since 1982, Rocky Brougham has been the Luck Leprechaun at all Bronco home games and five Super bowls.

For thirty one years he has started the earth rumbling stadium wide cheers while wandering the stands. The decibels of noise of Rocky Mountain Thunder have started with this die-hard fan.

Before games, section-by-section, Rocky highlights first time fan visitors, birthdays and newborns. With great announcement these people are singled out and welcomed by cheers. children are always personally visited and over the years hundreds of thousands of good luck stickers have been given out after a "Go Broncos".

During past Super Bowls, Rocky the Leprechaun has personally organized Pep Rallies and Fan headquarters:

All this was done without sponsorship or compensation.

Rocky the Colorado Leprechaun was voted:

Since 1982 this lucky leprechaun has been leading cheers as the fan mascot at all Denver Bronco "Twice World Champion" games in Mile High Stadium. With cheers like GO BRONCOS!, DEFENSE, and the WAVE, the fans have been started and stopped by this little pointed ear cheerleader. Rocky the Leprechaun has defined the word - BRONCOMANIA.

With all this interaction and video clips on TV (Monday Night Football, Behind the NFL, Broncomania Videos, Wacky World of Sports), the NFL highlights and 5 super bowl visits; Rocky's visibility and entertainment have reached a world wide level.

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Enjoy the cheering crowds with the noise sparked by Rocky the lucky Leprechaun. This Rebel Rouser can get the sports crowd going with cheers & wild antics.


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